Quality of Living

“Poor leadership in Philadelphia has resulted in a lesser quality of life for all Philadelphians. Murder rates and carjackings are at record highs. Illegal dirt bikes and ATVs terrorize our communities. It is time for law and order to return to The City of Brotherly Love.”


Soda Tax

“Philadelphia is one of the most taxed cities in the nation. The Soda Tax supports worthwhile programs, but it is just another tax that burdens citizens and businesses. Since all Philadelphians do not have the same means of mobility, the Soda Tax negatively impacts the under served communities it is meant to help. The Soda Tax needs to be repealed and other means of revenue need to be found for universal pre-K and the Parks & Recreation Rebuild Program.”

Real Estate Tax

Philadelphia must reform the real estate tax methodology to ensure fairness and to streamline the assessment process.”

Wage Tax

Philadelphia must continue to reduce the wage tax to attract new businesses and help working families.”

No Safe Injection Sites

Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such, but enabling those addicts with safe injection sites harms both the addicts and the surrounding community.”


Philadelphia must continue to improve elementary and secondary education and promote diverse educational choices.”

Universal Pre-K

Universal Pre-K is paramount to the development of young minds and Philadelphia must provide affordable Pre-K for all residents.”