It's time for LEADERSHIP.

Drew Murray’s community experience, solid relationships and perspectives on how to make Philadelphia better and safer will prove essential to his ability to improve local government.

“In this challenging and sometimes toxic political environment, leadership and a moral compass are paramount to our country, our state and the City of Philadelphia. I offer a Republican view that will provide a balance of perspective needed in Philadelphia's City Council.”– Drew Murray

Murray is devoted to education, park spaces, cultural enhancements and community safety, themes which were a hallmark of his presidency of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA), a Registered Community Organization (RCO). Driven by the Jesuit ideal instilled in him at St. Joseph’s Prep, where he attended high school, Murray became heavily engaged in serving his community. In 2011 he became a Board Member of the LSNA as well as the President of the Friends of Coxe Park. Murray helped start an annual school fair with the goal to demonstrate to parents the numerous educational opportunities available to young children in the City of Philadelphia. Murray is also a Chair of the Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition, a Board Member of the Center City District, a member of the Finance Council of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul and is the leader of Philadelphia's 15th Ward. Murray has proven to be a dynamic leader in both his professional career and his civic engagement.